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As from today The Kooymans blog site will remain inactive. To follow me on my new blog ( please subscribe (and unsubscribe to The Kooymans)… or just check it out.


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Play dates are fun!

September 6, 2011 3 comments

Play dates are really fun… especially for the mommies involved! Last Friday we were invited to the Alfino girls house for a catch up (for the mommies) and play time for the girls…even though Leah is still a bit small, she still enjoyed herself looking at all the glorious toys and beautiful girly friends! These four girls really had a ball and us moms were able to sit back and relax, chatting and catching up… which was much needed! Thanks Cindy for hosting us this time around, we look forward to lots more moms and tots play dates!

I like to sew…

September 6, 2011 2 comments

Kirsty and I have been sewing together (mostly once a week) for almost 2 years and in that time we have had many laughs, tears, unpicking and jammed sewing machines! This is where I find my escape, a time to be creative and imaginative as I fumble through patterns and tutorials found online, begging Kirsty to help me out because I just can’t see how this pattern works out (I beg Kirsty because she is a genius at figuring out the tuts and patterns!) and in the end creating something, not perfect, but mine. A great sense of achievement can be found when you struggle through something and in the end produce something that shows the fruits of your labour…most times for me though it doesn’t look half as good as the picture..but that’s alright. When I sew I usually like to just go for it, I don’t pay too much attention to what the pattern says (hence always asking Kirsty for advice and help) and I don’t sew straight… I do try but I just don’t get it right…I usually end up “MacGyvering” sewing to make it work! Anyway here are a few photo’s of some of the things we’ve created so far, I look forward to making many more “creations” in the future…watch this space 🙂

Health buzz

September 6, 2011 5 comments

To date I have lost 17kg of the 22kg’s I picked up while pregnant (yes I picked up that much) but I am struggling to drop the last 5kg -it’s been especially hard to exercise with my back/leg being in so much pain, apparently it’s my sciatic nerve that’s damaged (Sciatica) – that all I can do at the gym is walk on the treadmill (very painful) or do spinning (stretching afterwards extremely painful)… so the next thing I decided might help would be to eat healthy (we do generally eat healthy already but a few adjustments here and there could still be made) I have cut out sugar and trying my best to cut out the sweet things. Now eating healthy isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive either…but it does take a bit of effort (more so than just throwing some crumbed something in the oven). I decided to surprise Corne with a nice healthy and hearty meal with what ever we had at home… and this how supper turned out.

Basically steamed veggies, fillet chicken (in a soy sauce – prob not that healthy), brown rice and seeds to garnish. I must say it tasted good and filled the spot…now the hard part is doing something like this every night.

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Good ol’ laugh :D

August 28, 2011 2 comments

I know I may lose a friend or two but I had to share some of these pic’s (sorry Cindy :P). Last night Corne and I were looking at some of the old pic’s from the good ol’days when we were a little younger and carefree with nothing really much to worry about and came across these photo’s of a holiday we spent with our dear friends back when …the Alfino’s were newly weds and they chaperoned Corne and I (and some other friends) on a weekend away to Club Mykonos! We had such fun, relaxing, braaing, chatting and just being! Then we came across these funny pic’s and felt that we needed to share the laughs… please forgive me 🙂 The memories of that weekend made me feel so happy and good inside (yes that sounds cheesy) that I am so glad to have been blessed with such amazing friends and good times (and no I am not sucking up now) 🙂 I now look forward to more holidays with you guys…just this time with a few smaller additions along 😉

House (home) hunting

August 27, 2011 3 comments

We have been house (or should I rather say home) hunting for a couple of months now (looking online while preggers and now actively viewing houses). It has become an all consuming activity (especially on a Sunday – How ungodly! 😉 ) I have resigned myself to the fact that there is no perfect home (unless you mega rich and can make it perfect). I am still waiting to walk into the potential home and have that I’m home feeling. There has been one place so far which both Corne and I were super excited about, but upon closer inspection realised too many potential problems that would way exceed our budget in the long run 😦 But for now we are content with our flat and one plate mini oven… I do dream though of a slightly bigger kitchen (at least bigger than our matchbox one we have now) that has a real oven/stove in it…where I can cook more than one thing at a time. All in time I keep telling myself … one thing for certain though, we will struggle to get a new home with the same awesome view we have from our flat!

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Leah is 3 months today!

August 9, 2011 6 comments

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone! Looking back over the last 3 months at this little girl who has now almost doubled in weight since she was born is astounding! So much has happened in these few months, how she has changed and started forming a distinctive personality with likes and dislikes, it is so amazing and totally miraculous! Only God could be the author of something so mystifying as the creation of a little life that grows and grows. From in the womb to the world it is still utterly magical in my eyes at least anyway 🙂

Baby Sense has become my primary guide as to what Leah should be doing and more importantly how I should be looking after her 😉 One of the things that we have not managed yet to do is to get Leah to sleep for 10-12 hours at night?? We rejoice if she makes 5 hours uninterrupted.  If your 3month+ baby is sleeping for this length of time please let me know what your trick is?:D Oh and how do you stretch a hungry baby from 3 hourly feeds to 4 hourly feeds?? LOL 😀 Sometimes I think you just have to take some of the things these books say with a pinch of salt 🙂 Besides this post is not suppose to be about what Leah isn’t doing yet but rather some of the things I just love about this sweet girl – I couldn’t write about all the things I love about her because this post would be never-ending then. Here are just a few of the thing I just love about this girl…

I love the way she is always happy to see me in the wee hours of the morning, how she makes the cutest, frantic face (with a little snork) at feeding time out of sheer excitement for milk. I love the way she laugh-coughs, how she yawns with such emotion and a little cute noise that I can’t quite describe. I love the way she sneezes (about a million times a day) and how sometimes the sneeze doesn’t happen and she remains in a state of “sneeze delay” for a couple of seconds. I love it when her tongue sticks out while she concentrates or when she is feeling lazy and relaxed. I love the way when I blow bubbles on her tummy she giggles a real girly giggle and grabs my hair. I love the way she opens her mouth for a kiss and how when she is enjoying play time her whole face expresses this emotion. I love the way she gets soo excited when playing that she kicks madly and moves her hands all over the place with shrieks and coos. I love the way she has to have her fingers feeling something or moving while feeding and when not feeding how she sits with her hands clasped on her chest. I love the way she talks to me with excited gurgles and made up baby language in such an emotive manner as if she is having an in depth conversation with me, I can’t wait to ask her about “da karr” she keeps saying one day. I love it when she is about to cry that her bottom lip protrudes out and she starts off crying softly and delicately and that in an instant I can make her smile again with a little tickle. I love the way that each time I tickle her feet and “eat” them she gives the biggest smile and giggle. I love it when she stares intensely at patterns, pictures or even the wall and gives a cute little smile to herself (as if she sees something that nobody else can see). I love the way she looks sometimes at someone new through the corner of her eye as if she is pretending “not” to look and best of all, I love that when she is super tired and feeling upset that only I can calm her and put her to sleep. Leah poppy, one day when you can read this, you will know that your piercing blue eyes look deep into my soul and melts me every time. I love  you more each day to the fullest extent and I feel so blessed to be your mommy and grateful that God has placed you in our lives! I look forward to many, many more special days shared with you. 😛